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    Self Defense Courses

All of our training courses start by LIVING LIFE IN 3D! - Self Defense is a lifestyle, not a hobby. Living Life in 3D is truly where you'll be most prepared with a proactive approach to predator detection and knowing what to do should you be subjected to a violent encounter. 
Everyday Application to Self-Defense Series - This training series was developed with a focus on situational self-defense that helps everyone realize they are already wired for self-defense. Years of training isn't required to be better at this, knowledge is, and these courses are designed to do just that. Each course was developed around living life in 3D and what to do from the onset of a potential violent encounter. 
Choose a course that's appropriate for what you are looking for. 
Women's Course - Women have the most powerful self-defense tool in the human arsenal, intuition. In this course we will teach you how to use that to your advantage and manage a potential threat from the onset of the "something isn't right" feeling. 
High School Student Course - This eye-opening course is a must for all HS Students. We have one for the young ladies going off to college, one for the young men, and one for everyone. We also have one for all staff!
Men's Course - Most men feel they know what they are capable of and what they aren't, some are right, some aren't. Give us a chance to ensure you are ready to protect yourself and loved ones when the need arises. Don't just think you're ready, get ready!